Josh Malone, New York, New York


"Could not be more thrilled with the music production services offered by Peach Rose Music.  They laid the foundation for my creative expression!"  Robin is an awesome songwriter who tells her stories through lyrics.  AMAZING person and songwriter

Zakara, Kozmic Sisters, Forth Worth, TX


 When I try to express the words of love and compassion I have towards Robin Nolen, I cannot even begin to explain.
But as a writer/songwriter I can only ever begin to try.
I heard about Robins story through my husband Zeb Bennett whom had been an old high school friend from El campo, Texas.
Robin reached out to me in mourning of her daughter whom had been involved in an accident with a semi truck, all while expecting a child on the way.
When I first heard this story my heart sunk into my chest.
I tried to rap my head around the emotions of despair Robin was going through.
She asked me to be apart of putting her grieving words into song.
I am forever humbled and thankful by her having the courage to reach out and ask for me to be apart of her healing.
The words from the song she wrote “You gotta cry” captivated me and took to my spirit instantly.I called a family friend of which I consider my brother by the name of Dominique aka Maserati Bass of whom is a music producer out of Dallas/fortworth Texas.
We got together one night and recited the words to him, he immediately took to the minor sad tone of the song. He played the piano gently and so the song manifested itself when I put the headphones on and sang into the mic.
The melody flowed freely from my heart to my lips and onto the track.
It’s a nostalgic moment I won’t ever forget.
The evocative emotion behind every word beautifully written.

All I can say is...Thankyou Robin.
Your ambition of music and love is greatly appreciated and admired.
I salute your strength, and you will forever be in my heart.
I know the soul of your daughter is with you, even though it may not feel that way physically, her influence and energy is still with you...
In every smile,
In everyday you may not feel you are ready to face without her, she will always be there watching over you and your family.
She is now you’re guardian angel.
I feel like she was in the room with us recording this song, and how it came together so beautifully.
Let her be your spark of faith, compassion and understanding.
I know she would want you to keep living, smiling, laughing and loving the way you do.
I love you Robin, and I know one thing forsure..
Your daughter was so blessed to have such a loving, wholehearted, strong mother like you. 

Much love~ Zakara

Cade Harper, Manhattan, New York


I've co-written with Robin on many projects and she is dedicated and has such an awesome talent for finding new material and musicians.  This chick can hear a song and know right off if it's going to be a hit.  Looking forwarding to working with her a lot more in the future.