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Hi and welcome to Peach Rose Music, I’m Robin. I’ve been writing songs ever since I can remember.  In 2015 I decided to finally put my lyrics to music, only problem was I didn’t know how to start. I knew popular musicians & singers but I didn’t know the ropes in the music business. It was a long difficult process learning. Since then, I’ve gotten some songs under my belt, thanks to some amazing singers & musicians. I tell stories when I write. Every song I’ve ever written was about me or someone I love. How this became Peach Rose Music is because of my only daughter, Meagan. My mother would send me a dozen peach roses every birthday. When I had Meagan in 1990 I continued the ritual. Meagan, my only child and my unborn grandson, Brock were killed on October 17, 2016. I wanted to keep our peach roses alive and by me helping others write their stories in lyrics, I will do just that.  

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I want to know your story, your life, your dreams.  That is what Peach Rose Music is about.  I will take your story and turn it into a beautiful song.  One that you will be proud of and be able to pass down for generations.  The first time I heard my story in a song, it changed me. Music has such a healing effect on the soul.  Let's heal together.

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You and I will sit down and discuss what you want in your song.  Your life story, love story, or tragedy.  I have no doubt some of it will be painful, but I've learned music heals. What do you want your song to tell.  I will write it and have some of our amazing Peach Rose musicians and producers  turn it into your song. 



Angels On Momma's Side

I wrote this song about my mom and how she survived abuse.  This is written from my point of view as a child. 

Texas or Tennessee

Texas or Tennessee is a song about wanting the guy and the career in music.  Thank goodness I didn't have to choose. 

Meagan's Song

The day after my daughter passed away I was in so much pain.  Everyone was asking if I was okay but I just had to be alone.  I wrote this sitting on her bed.  My wonderful friend, Arielle put it to music. 

Rock Again

A fun southern rock tune sung by Guthrie Brown.  Thanks to
Arielle and Adam Peri 

You Gotta Cry

You Gotta Cry was a song I wrote late at night when the only thing I could do was cry and ask God why.  My beautiful friend, Zakara sang this and turned it into one of my favorite songs.  The song cover is my daughter, Meagan & son in law, Kurt.  

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